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Students claim abuse in teen boot camps


Republicans like Rick Perry are skeptical of everything the government does—except when it executes people.

Kids for cash scandal

Michele Bachmann claims that the HPV vaccine was responsible for ‘mental retardation’.

“I don’t think I feel things the same way you do.”

Here is a link to a site regarding psychopathy. There you will find a “Psychopath Test”.. you can use it to see if any of our political figures are indeed psychopaths.

Only in America. A mother took time off to donate a kidney to her dying son and was rewarded by being fired for taking time off.

Why Can’t We Talk About All Our Wars?

GOP Tea Party Debate: Audience Cheers, Says Society Should Let Uninsured Patient Die

Rick Perry had an innocent man executed, and should be made to answer,-and-should-be-made-to-answer

We’re Going To Molest You. And Then We’re Going To Make You Pay for It.